Diverse Care: Safe fostering

Providing safety and security for children in foster care

Providing a good foster environment for a child means offering safety and security. Diverse Care were quick to approach Project Screen by Prenetics and ask for a gold-standard execution of COVID-19 testing for both families and staff. Timing was everything ahead of an expected increase in foster demand from September, 2020.

Key stats

2 sites in the UK

Antigen and antibody tests

100+ participants


Avi Lasarow

Avi Lasarow, CEO EMEA Prenetics

"Our mission is to ensure the children are kept safe. When we’re moving children between households we need to ensure that they’re kept as safe as possible. Part of that is to ensure that our families are free of the virus."

Keith Gorman, Director Diverse Care

Project objectives

Diverse Care wanted to provide the highest level of testing possible to their foster families and teams by providing both antigen RT-PCR and antibody testing. This testing format would be conducted at two sites nationwide.

The process

Project Screen by Prenetics deployed our Mobile Testing Solution—our specialist vehicles—to the Diverse Care sites. The antigen swab test was conducted outside while the antibody blood test was conducted indoors in private rooms.

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Key innovations

Diverse Care are one of the first organisations to look for real-time COVID symptoms and pair that with historical information on whether a person has had the virus.

Mobile testing vehicle

Antigen RT-PCR test

Antibody blood test


In two locations, we were able to test over 100 participants in 3 days. In doing so, we were able to provide vital information to Diverse Care that would allow more families to offer safe homes to foster children.

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"We are delighted to be rolling out our services on a subsidised basis to this invaluable sector to the fabric of family life in our country. We look forward to supporting Diverse Care in safeguarding both foster parents and children. This fits with our strategy of broadening our mission, from elite sports, to getting the UK back to work and play."

Avi Lasarow, CEO Prenetics International

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