Collection methods

A flexible solution for every type of workplace

We have a range of collection modalities to suit your needs. The perfect solution depends on the duration of your testing program and the amount of space you have available.

Key facts

Mobile or semi-permanent

Ensures social distancing

Easy to clean and sanitise


Andrew Steele

Project Delivery Lead

Drive-through model

Our stations typically follow a three-point workflow, where a person’s ID is checked and confirmed before any swabbing takes place. The only person to get near the subject is a medically trained professional. Most subjects drive and stay within their vehicles, but it’s possible to walk through as well.

Mobile testing unit

Our mobile solution can drive wherever you need it to go! Inside the vehicle are medically-trained health practitioners. Only the swabber gets close to the test subject. Other staff help with ID verification and kit administration.

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Nurse visits

A nurse or fully trained healthcare professional can be sent to specific residencies. This is ideal for celebrity clients, or if someone missed a session. Sample collection takes a few minutes to complete. The nurse will take the completed sample with them and ensure it gets to the lab for processing.

Self collection

To ease pressure on testing days, or to reduce the amount of travel your staff have to go through, we have developed the at-home test. Anyone can do this so long as they have a clean environment. Afterwards, subjects can either post their kit to Project Screen by Prenetics, arrange a courier pick up, or drop it off at a testing site.

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If you’re an employer looking for a workplace solution, either sports, outdoors, retail or industrial, we can help.

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