Health Passport

A digital record of your latest COVID-19 test results

Much like a National Passport, our Digital Health Passport allows employers to control access based on a person’s current COVID-19 test result status. We believe that being able to offer both the physical test as well as a digital record of a person’s latest test result, lays the foundations for a successful COVID-19 screening program.


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Health Passport

How it Works

1. Profile creation

2. Profile linked to Health Passport

3. Event scanner checks health status

4. Site access granted or denied

One-time profile creation

Once a profile has been requested for creation, the user will be required to upload a profile photo to unlock their Health Passport containing their unique QR code. This will be the same QR code throughout the duration of the project and will hold their most up-to-date COVID-19 test data. Like a boarding pass, the Health Passport can be accessed via the Project Screen Mobile App or printed off if needed.

Programmable criteria

Depending on your operating environment and testing frequency, you can set your COVID-19 test validity. For example, if you’re testing twice a week, you might set the window to 5 days before a test becomes invalid.

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Health survey

Another key feature is to help understand if a person may have symptoms or have been around people who might have COVID-19. With that in mind, clients can add qualitative fields to add an additional level of rigour to the person’s COVID-19 status.

"The combination of frequent testing and digital health passport has allowed the Premier League to resume play under control conditions. If you’re a player, coach, journalist of club owner, you still need to a valid COVID-19 test to enter the stadium."

Avi Lasarow, CEO Prenetics International

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If you’re an employer looking for a workplace solution, either sports, outdoors, retail or industrial, we can help.

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