Our technology helps create an efficient and seamless COVID-19 testing journey for you and your employees

From desktop to mobile, results delivery to daily questionnaires, we’ve built our technology in a modular fashion so you can have the right functionality for your COVID-19 testing requirements.

Technology for Admins

Results Management

View the results of all participants in your organisation

Attendance Management

View the attendance of participants from each testing session

Daily Questionnaire Management

View daily questionnaire results of participants

Health Passport Management

Manage the Health Passports within your organisation

Technology for Participants

Test Results

View your results at any time from within the Project Screen Mobile App

Daily Questionnaire

Complete your daily questionnaire to let your employer know about any possible COVID-19 systems

Health Passport

Have access to your latest COVID-19 test results ready for scanning into COVID-19 free zones

Kit Activation

Activate your own COVID-19 test from within your Project Screen Mobile App

"Project Screen by Prenetics is in the unique position of working in UK and Hong Kong. We’re currently processing nearly 100,000 tests a week. For every client, we deliver secure and readily accessible results so that their companies can return to business as usual."

Avi Lasarow, CEO EMEA Prenetics

About Project Screen by Prenetics

Project Screen is an initiative created by Prenetics, a genetics company with headquarters in London and Hong Kong. Together, we can get Britain back to work.

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